Car seat

What is the Isofix fastening system?

Parents are often at a loss when it comes to choosing the ideal fastening for their baby's car seat. There are a number of different systems available to ensure your child's safety in the car

How do you choose your swivel car seat?

Stress, excitement, apprehension... Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is no easy task! For young parents-to-be, you'll need to think of everything: arranging the bedroom, channelling the beautiful fa

How do you choose the fastening system for your car seat?

Choosing the right attachment system for your car seat is not always easy. It can even be a real headache. What are the different types of mountings? What are their advantages, disadvantages and guarantees for the safety of your child?

Baby high chair with harness

One of the must-have childcare accessories is the famous baby high chair. Its importance is well established. 

Baby car seats: what are the standards?

As the birth of your child approaches, so does the crucial choice of car seat. Far from being an easy task, the search for the ideal baby car seat often overwhelms parents. 

How can you equip your car for safe driving with baby?

Travelling with a newborn can be a real obstacle course. Between all the things you need to take with you and the fact that you won't be able to see your baby, it's hard to feel totally at ease during the journey.