What's the difference between a deckchair and a swing?

This is a question that parents-to-be often ask themselves. What is the difference between a baby swing and a baby bouncer? Which should you choose? Both reproduce the rocking movement that is so popular with parents.

When should you put a baby in a swing?

A baby swing is usually one of the first purchases made by parents-to-be. It provides a great deal of comfort and calm for baby, while relieving parents for a few moments.

Electric baby swing, up to what age should you use it?

Unsurprisingly, baby is growing up. We know it, we're told it, but realising it is always a bit of a shock. The months and then the years go by, but how do you adapt your house or flat to accommodate a growing baby?

How to choose a baby swing

We are all looking for the ideal swing, the one that combines all the advantages: safety, practicality, functionality, comfort... The baby swing has now become a must-have to replace and/or c

Is a baby swing useful or not?

The baby swing is a divisive subject. While this childcare accessory is obviously no substitute for a mother's or father's arms, it can be a particularly useful piece of equipment for baby's development.