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Why choose a progressive high chair?

Versatile baby equipment is extremely practical for parents who want to both save money and save space in their living room. With a high chair swing,

Our 5 tips for choosing a baby high chair swing

Between bottle-feeding and breast-feeding, parents quickly become exhausted. The move to the highchair is soon a relief, as our little one will finally be able to taste new flavours and diversify his diet.

When should you buy a high chair?

Are you thinking of buying a baby high chair so that your baby can sit at the same table as you at mealtimes? Now that's good news! Very popular with families, the baby high

Baby high chair with harness

One of the must-have childcare accessories is the famous baby high chair. Its importance is well established. 

baby high chair or booster seat

When your child becomes able to eat in a seated position, you have a number of options open to you, including high chairs and booster seats. These two childcare accessories, well