Why choose a video baby monitor rather than just an audio baby monitor?

As a young parent, all you want to do is look at your baby all the time, everywhere. But when it's time to go to sleep, you have to leave him in his room, away from your worried or amazed parents. In that case, there's nothing like a video baby monitor to keep an eye on your little one. More expensive than a simple audio baby monitor, it nevertheless offers a number of significant advantages. 


See baby at any time

That's the undeniable advantage of a video baby monitor. You can watch him at every moment of his life. After putting them to bed, watch what they do before drifting off to sleep. Thinking they're out of sight, they may give you some delicious surprises. Newborn babies often make all sorts of mimicry and gestures of their own.


Keeping an eye on baby without making a sound

As a young parent, you probably need constant reassurance, especially if your toddler isn't in the same room as you. So rather than disturbing him in his room every 5 minutes, simply stay in your living room and use the video baby monitor. This way, you won't disturb him, and above all, you won't make any noise that could wake him up. 

In this way, you can ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep. This is especially important if your child is a light sleeper and wakes up at the slightest noise. 

Thanks to the video, you can be reassured that your child is sleeping well and breathing normally. 


React only in an emergency

Babies are rarely quiet throughout the night. They may make noises... perhaps because they're hungry, can't sleep, want to play or simply have had a nightmare. 

So rather than getting up every minute, the camera lets you see what they're doing. If they're crying because they're really hungry, you'll have to get up. If, on the other hand, he's running around in his bed talking, you can stay in bed. All you have to do is watch him and wait for him to go back to sleep. 

Similarly, if baby has rolled over without making a sound, you can react quickly. 


Leave it in a secure room while you're busy

If your child is old enough, you can let him play in his bedroom or in the living room (which is perfectly safe), while you go about your business for a while. With a video baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your child while you prepare a meal or put away the washing. It's an absolute time saver when it comes to household chores, as you don't need to take it everywhere with you. 

So now that you're convinced, all you have to do is choose your video baby monitor for added peace of mind. 

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