Is a baby swing useful or not?

The baby swing is a divisive subject. While this childcare accessory is obviously no substitute for mum's or dad's arms, it can be a particularly useful piece of equipment for keeping baby safe while you do other things. Your baby will feel comfortably rocked to sleep and will be able to observe the world around him, while you have your hands free for a few minutes during the day!


Keeping baby safe in his swing

There are different types of swing. Manual swings, which are the least expensive, require you to do something to imitate the natural swing of your arms, so you have to stay close to baby when he's in them.

Electric swings, on the other hand, work automatically, giving parents the chance to have a little time to themselves during the day while keeping an eye on their child. Electric swing models generally offer different swing speeds, which can be adjusted to suit your needs, and sometimes include music, delicate vibrations or special swing times for extra peace of mind during naptime.

This childcare item is ideal for baby to curl up in with peace of mind and above all... safety! He'll be able to develop his curiosity and psychomotor skills, and play on his own or with his family, who won't have to get down on the floor. You can even use it outside: your little one will be slightly higher than the ground and will be safe from the little creatures in the garden in his swing.

To sum up, the swing will meet all your child's needs, from birth: it will provide comfort, softness and reassurance so that he can wake up and get to grips with his environment with complete peace of mind.


A swing to soothe baby

It's a fact: your baby needs your arms to calm down, fall asleep and feel your body heat. Despite all the good will in the world, young mums and dads can't be available 24 hours a day.

Fortunately, the soft welcome of a swing can reproduce this pattern and make the family's day-to-day life more serene. Once settled in a baby swing, your baby will have plenty of time to discover his or her world and/or rest.

The regular rocking motion of this accessory is an easy way to soothe your baby, especially as the rhythm and strength of the rocking system can be adjusted according to your child's weight, to eliminate any risk. Gentle melodies create a reassuring, relaxing atmosphere for baby: a real cocoon of relaxation, helping him to find the sleep he needs to maintain his balance and the well-being of the whole family!


Tips for swinging your baby safely

Bébé2Luxe helps you use your baby swing correctly and ensure its safety. It all starts with choosing the right model to suit your child's needs and body shape. Most swing models can be used up to 9kg. Once your baby grows up and can roll over and sit up on its own, using a swing becomes complicated.

It's best to opt for an electric swing if you want to free up a few minutes during the day. It will adapt to your baby's preferences. Otherwise, you'll have to stay close to your little one to reproduce the natural rocking motion with your own movements.

The seat should be soft and comfortable for your baby, the edges should not be hard and the backrest should not be rigid. In terms of safety, before you buy, make sure your swing has a stable base that won't allow accidents, and a safety belt.

When choosing a swing, make sure it has a reclining position suitable for newborns, as well as an upright position for older babies. This way, the swing will be able to serve you much longer and accompany your child as he or she grows. Ideally, you should opt for a model that is certified and, of course, complies with current safety standards.

What do you think of swing sets?

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