The electric baby swing, an ally for young parents working from home

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the use of teleworking within companies. So, even if the various confinements are over (phew!), this new form of working has proved its worth. So much so, in fact, that it's becoming the norm in many companies.

Good news for employees? Perhaps, but it's not always easy for young parents who have to combine work and childcare. If you want to make the most of teleworking, there's the electric swing.

We tell you all about this tool that will make your days easier.

The electric swing to make childcare easier when teleworking

If you're teleworking, you need to maintain maximum concentration at home to get your files done. But between nanny problems and absent spouses, sometimes you have to look after baby while you work. And as your little one doesn't sleep all the time, it's best to find alternative solutions.

Among the solutions I've tried to calm my youngest or keep him occupied when I'm really too busy, there's the electric swing

It's the essential gadget for looking after your baby while you're working. And with good reason: it allows you to distract your child for long minutes, or even several hours. A must-have from the moment your toddler is born. So your baby can stay in his own world or watch your every move. You still have all the independence you need to work. 


But be careful, so that baby doesn't interfere with your work during your office hours, it's best to plan your environment carefully. So plan an office area dedicated to your professional activities and a children's area. This is where you can keep your baby in its swinging bouncer while you finish your files, with or without a baby monitor.


The advantages of an electric baby swing

A relay for parents

Teleworking or not, it's hard to look after a child 24 hours a day. So to help parents take up the slack, there's the baby swing. From birth to 9 months of age, your toddler can observe the world around him while you go about your business: answering an email, cooking, hanging out the washing, and so on.

Light games, rattles and early-learning games can stimulate him at his own pace and hold his interest for at least a few minutes: just long enough to answer an important call or prepare for the next activity.


A safe environment

The undeniable advantage of the electric swing is that it allows baby to be in a perfectly safe environment without having to be in your arms. 

With plenty of padding and a harness, your child will be comfortable and secure. So even if they get restless, there's no risk of them falling out or escaping.r.

A relaxing effect

Unlike a bouncy chair, an electric swing swings automatically. So you don't need to play with the swing to make baby feel comfortable.

What's more, the rocking effect is perfectly regular, acting like a lullaby to help your baby nap or digest.

On some models, the motor also has vibration or melody options to help your baby fall asleep. Depending on the time of day (especially before a nap or before bedtime), you can adjust the speed or vibration to help your little darling drift off to sleep.

With the swing, you can finally finish enjoying your cup of coffee!

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