Electric baby swing, up to what age should you use it?

Unsurprisingly, baby is growing up. We know it, we're told it, but realising it is always a bit of a shock.

The months and then the years go by, but how do you adapt your house or flat to a little fellow who's growing up so fast? Up to what age or weight can you use certain practical pieces of furniture, such as an electric swing?

As parents, we're never quite sure whether it's the child who wants his favourite toy a little too much or whether it's us who's really struggling to get through each stage: first babbles, first steps, first nap at nursery (without a swing!), starting nursery school...

I'm going to give you a few tips to help you decide when is the right time to switch from an electric swing to a play mat or your own cot.

Product information: manufacturer's recommendations

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the classic or electric swing chair is designed to support a child weighing up to 9 kg (for a normal model) or 13 kg (for an evolving model).

Stop at 7-8 months or switch to a harness, a question of safety

Multi-purpose models such as the high chair swing are often used as a baby chair for the first 6 months, and then as a real high chair during the period of dietary diversification or weaning from breast milk.

The problem is that from 7 or 8 months, baby starts to understand that he can make little swinging movements himself - as in his electric swing - and finds it really, really fun to do it all over the place. It's an opportunity to take some very nice videos for grandparents or friends, but it's a bit problematic when he does it perched on top of his highchair and it starts to tip over too.

Well, I can assure you that all recent CE-marked models are stable. They are designed precisely to avoid this kind of accident. However, to avoid a few scares, I strongly advise you to fit your baby with a safety harness. If they feel securely attached, they won't want to wriggle around as much, even if they still have enough freedom of movement to eat their meals like a grown-up.

When your baby is old enough to sit at the table with you, you can take away his booster seat and put him at the right height.

What's next for the electric swing?

How can you do without such a useful piece of equipment? After months of sleeping and digestion made easier by the gentle rocking of a special baby swing, it's crucial to find a lasting alternative for your little one's comfort.

The playpen

After meals or in the evening, when you need a few minutes to yourself, the playpen is a good alternative to the swing. As soon as your toddler can stand on his own two feet, he'll want to work on his motor skills by grabbing his feet, his mat, his cuddly toys, etc. The playpen is a practical way for him to play in complete safety.

The evolving bouncer or footstool

If the baby chair is big and sturdy enough for your toddler, you can take the opportunity to sit him safely with you on the sofa.

If not, provide a cosy child's armchair or footstool so that your child can continue to nap next to you, and so that you can play together or have your first big discussions. Unforgettable moments of togetherness...

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