When should you put a baby in a swing?

A baby swing is usually one of the first purchases made by parents-to-be. It provides a great deal of comfort and calm for baby, while taking the pressure off parents for a few moments. Swings come with different inclinations - seated, semi-seated, reclined - so you can adjust them to suit baby's needs.

But when can you start putting baby in a swing? And, on the other hand, is there an age limit for this gentle interlude?

Let's find out!

What is a baby swing?

baby swing is a childcare item that rocks newborn babies. Its rocking movement imitates the rocking of mum's or dad's arms.

Most babies need to be rocked to sleep peacefully. The swing allows them to rediscover this soothing sensation.

The swing can also be used as a piece of play furniture. You can attach a mobile or a play frame above the swing. This pretty toy will encourage children to train their gaze and stretch their arms to catch objects. In this way, they are gently stimulated.

Be careful not to confuse a swing with a bouncer. Although these two childcare accessories have a lot in common, a baby chair swings naturally, whereas a swing operates electrically.

How do I use a baby swing?

Using an electric swing is ultra simple. Simply place your baby in it and switch it on.

You can move your electric swing from room to room, so your baby is always right next to you. You can also take it with you when you go on a trip or spend the evening with friends, as it doesn't take up much space.

It's up to you to choose the position and angle of the swing to suit your baby. If your little one doesn't want to sleep, put him in a seated position so that he can observe his environment in complete safety. Are his little eyes starting to close? Place the swing gently in the reclining position. Your baby will soon be drifting off to sleep!

All the benefits of a baby swing

The baby swing offers many advantages.

During the day, it's the ideal solution for settling your baby in a comfortable spot, while still having time for yourself to do the housework, cooking, etc.

You can even pour yourself a coffee. At last!

Of course, always stay close to the swing. Even if he's perfectly safe, with no risk of slipping or falling, you should always be able to keep an eye on your toddler and communicate with him.

After a meal or during a crying fit, the movements of the swing help to calm the child. Soothed, they fall asleep more quickly.

And the benefits of the swing don't stop there, as this childcare accessory is very practical for carrying out certain early-learning activities with your little one. It encourages your toddler's cognitive and sensory development.

At what age should baby be put in the swing?

If you're wondering how old baby should be, the answer is simple: you can put baby in a swing from birth.

When it comes to age limits, the answer depends on the model of swing. Some are designed to accommodate children up to 9 kg, while progressive swings are designed to rock them up to 18 kg.

In fact, the secret is to keep listening to your child. As the months go by, it's easy to see whether your child is still comfortable in the swing. Does he want to get back in? Does he want to get out more and more quickly?

Some toddlers quickly want to move around on their own. In that case, you can replace the swing with a play mat. Others like to fall asleep to the rhythm of the swing. In all cases, make sure that the swing is comfortable enough for your child's age.

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