Preparing for baby's arrival: our advice for a peaceful night's sleep

Preparing for baby's arrival: cradle and essentials for your little one's bedroom

Your delivery is just around the corner - it's only a matter of days away! Preparations are speeding up and you're gathering all the essentials you need to welcome baby in style. Bébé2Luxe, specialists in childcare equipment, has some advice for you: focus on the essentials that will give you and your little one a peaceful night's sleep.

How can you prepare for the arrival of your new baby?

Before the birth of your baby, the watchword is anticipation. You need to equip yourself with the essentials to ensure the comfort and safety your baby will need on a daily basis. Are you a little lost in all the accessories you need to prepare for your baby's arrival? Don't worry, you've come to the right place to take stock! The new baby in the family will obviously need baby clothes, but also the right equipment (feeding bottles, teats, teat holders, bottle warmers, sterilisers, etc.). You'll also need to make sure that your home is secure and that you take care of all the administrative tasks before your baby arrives. While it's important to prepare for your baby's arrival and equip every room in the house: the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. The bedroom is an essential room, as your baby will spend most of his or her time there in the first few months. To ensure your baby has a peaceful night's sleep, here's a reminder of the essential equipment you need.

The essentials for caring for your baby in the early months

Taking care of your baby in the first few months means, first and foremost, guaranteeing him a peaceful night's sleep, to ensure his healthy growth. The bedroom is an essential room when you start equipping your home with everything your little one needs. This veritable cocoon needs to be fitted out in such a way as to provide your baby with a cosy little nest. Your child's comfort starts with the right bedding. The first childcare accessory you'll need for your child's first nights is a quality evolving cradle, like the Louna 5-in-1 cradle or the Magic Dodo 3-in-1 cradle, available from Bébé2Luxe.

 The cradle is very reassuring for your child, and can be used from birth to around 6 months. It's essential to ensure your child has pleasant naps and nights. To cocoon your child, you'll need a firm mattress, a secure mattress protector and bed linen that's pleasant to the touch. You can also get a sleeping bag and a baby monitor to reassure you and keep an eye on your baby's sleep when you're not in the room. Finally, it's essential to have everything within reach at night when your child wakes up. We recommend that you have an armchair to calm your baby, a chest of drawers and cupboard to store his things, a changing table and mattress so that you can change him as soon as necessary, and a source of soft light to help him fall asleep.

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