Car seat: why should you remove your baby's coat?

In winter, or as soon as the weather turns colder, our first instinct is to protect our child in the car, often by wrapping him up in a down jacket and putting him in his car seat. This reflex, although understandable at first sight, is far from being the right attitude. Leaving your baby with his coat in the car seat can even be very dangerous, as a study has shown. Find out more.

Why is it dangerous to keep your bab

Car seats are essential for parents and children alike, providing safety and comfort for your little one, as long as you choose the right one.y's coat in a car seat?

When the outside temperatures drop, it's perfectly normal to want your child not to catch cold in their car seat. However, you should never leave your child's coat or down jacket under the harness. Winter coats, particularly thick down jackets, have a bulky, protective layer.

No problems so far, except that as a result the safety harness is too loose and no longer holds the baby properly. Even if the fastening system seems secure at first glance, in the event of an accident, the impact compresses the down jacket and the air inside, creating an open space where the baby can slip out.

The American organisation Consumer Reports has come to this conclusion, warning parents the world over about this apparently harmless gesture. It is essential that the harness is tight enough so that parents cannot pinch the strap between their thumb and forefinger. "Extra slack can be very dangerous", explains Consumer reports.

A simple test to check this risk

A quick test is all it takes to realise how unsafe it is when a child keeps his coat in his car seat:

-     Put your child in his car seat with his down jacket on

-     Adjust the safety harness

-     Remove the coat and replace it, keeping the previous settings.

You will then notice that there is still a considerable gap between the safety straps and the baby's chest, which, in the event of an impact, leaves the possibility of your baby being ejected from the car seat. 


How do you keep your child warm in a car seat without a coat?

According to one study, an alarming 64% of children under the age of 10 are put at risk by being improperly restrained in the car. In most cases, this is because parents have not properly secured their children (in 56% of cases).

If you're worried about your child being cold without a coat in the car seat, there are several options.

Firstly, you can pre-heat your car before putting your child in it. Simple and effective! You can also install your toddler in his car seat and then cover him with his coat or down jacket, a blanket or even a poncho (always over his safety harness).

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