Baby high chair with harness

One of the must-have childcare accessories is the famous baby high chair. Its importance is well established. It allows your child to discover the world from a new angle and to flourish at the table by sharing meals with all the members of the family. However, you should opt for a baby highchair with a harness to limit the risk of insecurity and ensure that your child remains comfortably seated.


What is a baby highchair safety harness?

Thanks to its high chair, your baby will be able to satisfy its curiosity, adopt new postures and assert its identity. Sitting comfortably in its high chair will also give it the confidence to continue developing harmoniously and positively.

However, it is essential to ensure that it is fitted with a safety harness or strap. Most highchairs come with a 5-point harness, consisting of two shoulder straps, two hip straps and a central buckle. Some others, on the other hand, have only a 3-point restraint system with only the two waist straps and the central buckle.

Whatever your preference, make sure that the harness system is easily adjustable, so that you can securely fasten your little one in place. You should also opt for highchairs with an easy-open system so you can detach baby in seconds, using just one hand.


Tips for using your baby high chair with harness

Here are a few tips to keep your little one safe and comfortable once he's settled into his highchair with harness.

First of all, make sure that the straps are correctly adjusted. Straps that are too loose won't hold your baby in place in the event of a fall, which is very dangerous. As well as this, your little one could get his arms caught in them as soon as he moves to feed himself, which is not a pleasant thing to do.

Straps that are too tight are also unpleasant for your child, who may quickly want to get out of the highchair. The straps are easily adjustable, like the straps on a rucksack. This takes less than a minute and guarantees safety and comfort.


Is a harness integrated into the highchair preferable, or should it be purchased separately? 

There's no exact answer, it all depends on the quality of the harness. If the chair has a conventional harness, but it's not adjustable or not suitable for your child, you might as well opt for a secondary harness. On the other hand, if the harness is effective and sufficiently safe, you won't need to buy one - and you'll save money!

A replacement harness can also be useful if the built-in harness is worn or faulty. In this case, opt for a 5-point model, compatible with most chair models. Multiplying the points on your highchair harness doesn't mean any extra strain, as all the points are connected at the centre.

Bebe2Luxe can help you make the right choice and advise you on the best references. Our philosophy: to provide your children with all the comfort they need when out and about, and to make your day-to-day life easier! Do you have a specific request about one of our nursery products or highchairs with harness? Don't hesitate to contact us.



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