How do you choose the fastening system for your car seat?

Choosing the right car seat attachment system is not always easy. It can even be a real headache. What are the different types of attachment? What are their advantages, disadvantages and guarantees for your baby's safety? Bebe2Luxe will help you to find the car seat attachment best suited to your children's needs, in terms of both comfort and safety, and above all to understand what you're dealing with. Our aim? To give you the best possible support every day and provide your children with all the comfort and safety they need in the car!


Car seat with seat belt attachment

According to a recent study, 66% of children (2 out of 3) are not properly restrained in the car. This figure shows just how much parents struggle to understand how to properly secure a car seat.

The first option is to use a belt to secure the car seat. Your car's safety belt can be a very practical way of attaching your car seat correctly and ensuring your baby's safety, provided you choose one with sufficiently clear instructions. In many cases, you need to make sure that the seatbelt fits through all the belt loops provided. None are optional, and they are usually in a different colour from the rest of the seat to help parents find their way around.

Once correctly installed, the seatbelt fastener is a safe and flexible device. However, installation takes longer and is more time-consuming than with the Isofix system, which is designed for this purpose.


Siège-auto avec fixation Isofix

Invented in 1997 by Britax Römer, the Isofix system is the safest car seat attachment system on the market. Having been extensively tested, the system reduces the risk of incorrect installation and is very quick, compared with belt fastening, which can be restrictive. It ensures a solid connection between the chassis of your car and your child's car seat.

To give parents peace of mind when it comes to the comfort and safety of their babies, most Isofix systems have indicators to confirm that the attachment is correctly installed. Since 2011, it has been compulsory for cars leaving the factory to be fitted with Isofix anchorage points in the form of metal rings.

On the downside, car seats fitted with the Isofix system are often heavier and more expensive than traditional car seats that only require the help of a seatbelt. And not all older cars are equipped with anchorage points.


Top Tether attachment system

The Top Tether attachment system provides an additional anchorage point to the two existing Isofix systems. In the form of a strap, this additional attachment prevents your child's car seat from tilting towards the front of the vehicle in the event of a frontal impact. It is a universal system compatible with all Isofix car seat models.

The Top Tether attachment system attaches to a hook behind the rear seat to provide even greater protection for your baby in the event of a collision.

Power leg

In the same way, the support leg is another anchorage point, also additional to the Isofix attachments. It takes the form of a foot, adjustable in height, which rests on the floor of the car to stabilise the car seat and also prevents the car seat from tipping forward in the event of a road accident, by absorbing the power of the impact while supporting the baby seat. 

Anti-rebound bar

The bouncing bar is suitable when the car seat is installed rearward facing. This metal safety bar, which takes the form of a ring and is fitted to the rear seat, is designed to prevent the baby seat from moving forward in the event of a violent impact.

Tether Straps

"Tether Straps are the equivalent of Top Tether straps, but are designed for rear-facing car seats. Their role is similar: to prevent the car seat from tipping forward in the event of an impact. These straps attach in two places: on the car seat, and on a strong stability point in your car.

At Bébé2Luxe, our aim is to offer our customers childcare equipment and a wide range of car seat attachment systems to make your everyday life easier! Do you have a specific request about one of our products in terms of its use or technical characteristics? Discover our online shop and read our customers' opinions. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

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