What is the Isofix fastening system?

What is the Isofix fastening system?

Parents are often at a loss when it comes to choosing the ideal fastening for their baby's car seat. There are a number of different systems available to ensure your child's safety in the car, including the Isofix system, considered to be the safest and most practical on the market. Bebe2Luxe takes a look at the Isofix system in the car and presents its (many) advantages.


What is the Isofix fastening system? 

First of all, we need to introduce the Isofix installation. This system allows you to install your child's car seat quickly and easily, while reducing the risk of incorrect installation. Unlike belt fasteners, the Isofix system is extremely easy to use.

The system was invented in 1997 by Britax Römer in partnership with Volkswagen. The Isofix system has been compulsory on all new car models since 2005 and on every vehicle leaving the factory since 2011.

A car equipped with Isofix attachment technology is fitted with two metal rings, located between the backrest and the seat of the rear bench. An Isofix child seat has 2 metal clips with a hook at the end. An Isofix seat also has an anti-rotation system with a third attachment point. This is known as a strut or Top Tether strap.


Advantages of the Isofix system: practical and fast

The Isofix attachment system has a number of advantages. Firstly, unlike other systems, it is very easy to install, as it has specific indicators that turn green when correctly fitted.

This is vital, given that correct installation of the car seat is the first essential condition for guaranteeing your child's safety.

It's also safer. This is because your car seat is not only secured by a seat belt, but is also carefully anchored and attached to the vehicle seat, thus limiting forward rotation in the event of a frontal impact.

Finally, Isofix seats are more stable on a bench seat than belted car seats, because they are rigidly attached. As a result, they cannot tilt when cornering and cannot slide around. Isofix technology also complies with current international and French standards.

How do I install an Isofix car seat in my car? 

When it comes to installing a car seat and keeping your child safe, it doesn't get much easier than Isofix. In fact, thanks to its construction and ultra-practical installation, the system is the most sophisticated on the market.

Isofix attachments considerably reduce the risk of incorrect installation by the user. The system consists of two hooks, located at the rear of the car seat and attached to two anchor points on the rear bench of the car.

To secure your child car seat to the interior of your car, simply clip the Isofix attachments to the anchor points provided: it's as simple as that. A sound clip confirms that the car seat has been correctly installed and that the operation has been carried out correctly. There's no risk of making a mistake.

Finally, parents often opt for an additional anchorage point, the aim being to optimise their baby's stability and safety. In this case, they will have to choose between the Top Tether system, a strap that can be attached to the back of the car seat and connected directly to the boot, or the support strut, which connects the seat directly to the floor of the vehicle. In both cases, installation is just as quick and easy as with conventional Isofix attachments.

At Bébé2Luxe, our aim is to offer our customers childcare equipment and a wide range of Isofix car seat attachment systems to make your day-to-day life 100 times easier. Do you have a specific request about one of our products? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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