Highchair, how to avoid domestic accidents? Advice from Bebe2Luxe

The highchair is an essential piece of equipment in your life as a young parent. You use it as soon as your baby starts to diversify his diet. However, it is responsible for many accidental falls... From the importance of choosing a quality, inexpensive baby highchair to the model to choose, we offer you some advice on how to avoid them!


Our advice on how to avoid an accidental fall from a high chair

Children are regular victims of accidents in the home, just like the elderly. Falls from high chairs are among the most common, and can result in serious injuries. When a child falls from a low-cost baby highchair, he or she will fall headfirst: the impact could be more serious than you think. That's why it's so important to follow the recommendations below:


1. Securing baby in his highchair

Once your little one has been placed in the highchair, it is essential to fasten it using the safety straps available. These are located around your toddler's crotch to prevent them from slipping and falling violently onto the floor (parquet, tiles, etc.). The tray of your inexpensive baby highchair alone will not be enough to hold your child securely in the seat.


2. Teach the child that the highchair is not a game

As parents, you also need to teach your offspring that their highchair is not just a game, but that it is actually reserved for mealtimes. We recommend that you systematically prevent them from using it to stand up or hold on to, and that you only put them in it to eat.

3. Do not place the highchair near other furniture.

For all mealtimes, we recommend that you do not place your inexpensive baby high chair near a table, side table or any other dangerous element. Your child will tend to want to play and grab everything around him while he's eating... and could fall and/or injure himself unnecessarily (with a knife, for example). Safety is paramount!


4. Always be vigilant 

Obviously, you need to keep a constant eye on baby, especially when he's sitting in his highchair. An adult must always be with your toddler when he's eating, to prevent any risk of accidents in the home.


Buying an inexpensive, quality baby high chair

Getting the right equipment is essential before welcoming a newborn. Buying a good-quality, inexpensive baby high chair is a tip you shouldn't ignore. You should always put the safety of your little one first by choosing accessories that offer excellent value for money. At Bebe2Luxe, our inexpensive baby highchairs comply with current EN standards and have several safety straps to keep your child securely in place. Don't hesitate to consult our detailed product sheets before placing your order!

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