When should you buy a high chair?

Are you thinking of buying a baby high chair so that your baby can sit at the same table as you at mealtimes? Now that's good news! Very popular with families, highchairs are essential equipment for young children. If you're wondering about the perfect time to buy a low-cost baby high chair or one that offers the best value for money, Bébé2Luxe is here to help.


At what age should your child be placed in a highchair?

Buying a high chair allows your baby to be at the same height as his parents, brothers and sisters, and guests when eating. In other words, it's perfect for successful intergenerational meals, and is also practical for giving parents the chance to keep an eye on their baby while they have a quiet lunch or dinner.

Highchairs are suitable for infants, but there are no precise rules. Each baby is unique (morphology, weight, height, needs, etc.) and it is difficult to give a "typical age" for using a highchair. Each child develops at his or her own pace and needs to be able to sit upright in a highchair.

Very often, between 4 and 6 months, parents are in a position to know whether their baby can sit up well with a little support. When this is the case, you may well consider buying a high chair and putting your baby in it comfortably and steadily, always in an upright position and supported by an appropriate safety device.


When should you buy a highchair to save money?

When it comes to buying a low-cost baby chair, you should know that it's possible (and very worthwhile) to make substantial savings. A high chair can represent a certain cost and weigh heavily on your budget, which is why it's important to choose the right time to buy it.

A recent study by the Idealo website (2019) identified the months when certain childcare items sell for less. While it's better to buy a changing table in September rather than January, high chairs are apparently cheaper... in July! On the other hand, you should avoid buying a cheap baby high chair in March, as they are particularly expensive during the winter period, when French households rush to buy high chairs in November, thinking that this is the ideal time to save money before Christmas... wrongly so.

Fortunately, the Bebe2luxe boutique offers promotions and high chairs at the best prices all year round!


Advice on using a high chair

Pay close attention to certain details when buying your highchair. For example, don't skimp on comfort! Some models can be adjusted to a reclining position, allowing your baby to take an impromptu nap when he or she feels the need.

Safety is also crucial. Make sure you opt for a highchair with practical, comfortable straps to avoid any risk of accident. Make sure that the seat frame is stable and solid enough to prevent it from tipping over.

A highchair that respects the rules of use and safety will provide your baby with the necessary comfort and will be reassuring for all parents. At Bébé2Luxe, our aim is to offer our customers childcare equipment and a wide range of highchair models to make everyday life easier for you and your child. Do you have a specific request about one of our products? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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