Why choose a progressive high chair?

Versatile baby equipment is extremely practical for parents who want to both save money and save space in their living room. With a swinging high chair, your child will start eating with you from birth up to the age of 3 or 9 kg!

 The 4-in-1 swing, for every moment of the day 


The evolving highchair swing adapts to every moment of everyday life. With this evolving swing, you can change the seat from a raised bouncer to a high chair, then to a classic chair.

 On some of these progressive chairs, you can fit a safety harness to keep your little one seated throughout lunch, even when he has finished sending all his peas onto the carpet. Baby's meals will be so much easier!

When they're older, you can simply change the height of the seat so that your child can eat with the grown-ups. The seat back generally reclines and you can also adjust the footrest to help your child stay at the right height.

After lunch, the adjustable swing function allows your child to digest properly, in a truly ergonomic position.

When it's time for a nap, 3 yawns later, the highchair transforms into a lounger for a well-deserved nap. You can also take it with you on holiday as a super-comfortable extra bed for your favourite toddler.


The practical, ultra-compact convertible lounger

 Slipped into the boot of your car or laid flat in a cupboard, the adaptable highchair takes up very little space. You can take it with you wherever you go or put it away very easily, whatever the size of your home!

It's easy to clean, because everything is designed to be easily dismantled. You can remove and wash the play tray or meal tray, remove the seat cover and wipe down every nook and cranny.

Another great advantage is that the evolving highchair grows with your child, from birth to the end of nursery school.

With a baby swing, there's no need to buy a new piece of furniture every time your child grows up. It's a purchase that's as durable for your wallet as it is comfortable for your little one!

The must-have accessories for a high chair that doubles as a baby chair

Because they are designed for every moment of the day, progressive highchairs often come with a range of accessories.

The must-have accessories are the learning arch - sometimes musical - to keep toddlers entertained after their nap, the cry detector with automatic balancing to calm baby down when he's feeling a bit fussy, the little fabric toys to develop his motor skills and the double meal tray, so you always have a clean one to hand!

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