Taking a pushchair out for a walk: what are the mistakes to avoid in midsummer?

Taking a pushchair out for a walk: what are the mistakes to avoid in midsummer?

With the return of the warm weather, days out in the fresh air are great fun for little ones... and older ones too! Before you unfold your reclining pushchair and set off on your summer outing, here are four mistakes to avoid for the sake of your baby's well-being.


Mistake No. 1: choosing the wrong pushchair

Choosing the right strollers is essential for your child's comfort, whatever their age. An infant, for example, is not toned enough to spend hours in a low-end umbrella pushchair. Bebe2Luxe knows how demanding your criteria can sometimes be, and offers you a wide selection of pushchair models. From the 3-in-1 version to the all-terrain pushchair and the reclining cane pushchair: you're spoilt for choice! The latter has the advantage of a reclining backrest that can be adjusted to suit your baby's body shape. Additional accessories - essential in summer - can be added, such as an umbrella or mosquito net. 


Mistake No. 2: Not preparing for a pushchair trip with baby in the middle of summer

The summer season means sunny walks and well-deserved stops on the terrace! However, we'd like to remind you that it's important to be well-prepared for your outings when the temperatures are high. In addition to your reclining pushchair, remember to take a bag containing the following items:

  • SPF 50+ sun cream to protect your toddler's skin and prevent sunburn
  • Baby hat and sunglasses for optimum protection
  • Fresh fruit compotes for a snack
  • Bottle of water to avoid any risk of dehydration
  • A spray bottle to refresh him regularly


Mistake no. 3: not strapping baby into his reclining pushchair

This is one of the most common mistakes made by young parents. Because baby is small, many think that he can't escape from his reclining strollers on his own. This preconception is obviously false, as your baby can slide out in no time at all! You need to adopt the right reflexes and always buckle your child in, even when it's too hot. 

Mistake no. 4: covering your pushchair to protect baby

Summer is the season when trips to the beach and walks in the sun are particularly popular. To protect baby from the heat, many parents tend to cover their reclining stroller with a cloth. Unfortunately, this is a very bad idea, because avéritable effet de fournaise happens and puts the baby in danger! Swedish journalists carried out a surprising experiment to back up paediatrician Svante Norgren's theory. An uncovered pushchair would reach a temperature of 22 degrees, while one covered with a thin blanket could reach 37 degrees in just one hour! Bebe2Luxe recommends that you opt for an umbrella, which you can attach to your stroller pushchair. 

These four easy-to-follow tips will help you take your baby out for a summer walk with peace of mind!

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