Lightweight and inexpensive prams, yes! But under what conditions?

Lightweight and inexpensive, yes! But under what conditions?

Buying a pushchair is an essential step before your baby arrives. Despite all the goodwill in the world, it can quickly become a real headache. Some parents opt for the very practical, lightweight and easy-to-handle cane pushchair. Here's our practical advice on how to choose the right compact pushchair for your child, to ensure comfort and safety.

What is a walking frame pushchair?

A compact pushchair is a special type of pushchair that is very light, takes up very little space and is easy to handle. Ideal for use in the city and on public transport, the compact cane pushchair gets its name from the way it folds and unfolds in 3 dimensions. It is also sometimes referred to as an "umbrella pushchair".

The advantages of a compact pushchair

Practical for city life, the cane pushchair has a number of advantages over a conventional model. The first is its ultra-light weight, thanks to an aluminium frame, small wheels and a fabric seat. Once folded, it can be carried either by hand or over the shoulder. It also offers good value for money and is accessible to all households. The Okto compact stroller for example, is priced at just €119 on our site, as is the Piko compact stroller! One of the other strong points of the cane pushchair is its easy handling, often with just one hand. It also folds and unfolds very quickly (3-dimensional folding system). What's more, it's compact and takes up very little space in the boot of your car or the corner of a room when you're not using it. Our overall opinion of the compact pushchair is therefore positive. However, you need to choose carefully and pay attention to certain details. Here are the details.

Buying a pushchair: things to check

When it comes to buying your lightweight, compact stroller, there are a number of aspects that shouldn't be left to chance, starting with comfort. You can buy a cheap pushchair, of course, but not just any model. Your child's safety, the sturdiness and ergonomics of the pushchair should always be your priorities. To keep your baby comfortable, the seat should be soft and thick. The seat of the pushchair should be adjustable to several positions, and the backrest reclining, so that your little one can rest peacefully. When it comes to safety, the cane buggy you choose must meet current manufacturing standards. The product must be marked "NF S 54001" (French standard) or "EN 1888" (European standard). It must also be robust, especially if you plan to have another child and use it again. The best way to secure your child is with a 5-point harness or a quality safety belt. For practicality and to ensure that your pushchair is hygienic, it is advisable to opt for a washable, removable fabric. Before buying your compact pushchair, be sure to test the folding system (manual or automatic) to make sure it's easy to use. In the same way, test its manoeuvrability, especially if the stroller has fixed rather than swivel castors, otherwise journeys could become complicated to manage.

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