Taking a plane or train with baby: which cane pushchair should you choose?

Do you dream of going on holiday, but don't dare make it happen? Are you already stressed by the organisational aspects of travelling with your baby? For many parents, travelling with children by plane or train is simply impossible, because it's too complicated to manage. However, there are a number of things that are easy to put in place so that you can travel as a family with complete peace of mind. Whether you're visiting family or friends in France or even abroad, or simply taking a well-deserved holiday, the childcare equipment you need to take with you is crucial to the success of your next trip with your young child. Among the essential items is a pushchair, a faithful companion when travelling with a baby. It could be a great help! Find out how with Bébé2Luxe, online boutique for childcare equipment and accessories, and specialist in lightweight, compact stroller.  

The advantages of a pushchair cane when travelling by plane or train

To travel with peace of mind by plane or train with your child or children, it's essential to take a pushchair with you. What's the point? Because it will be useful at every stage of your journey, before, during and after, both on the train and when you arrive at your destination. Imagine waiting 2 or 3 hours at the airport with Baby in your arms... Are you dreading it? With the pushchair by your side, this stress is quickly forgotten and Baby is easily guided through the halls, security checkpoints and other tangled corridors.

Obviously, you shouldn't choose just any pushchair. A bulky, heavy pushchair will be more of a hindrance on your journey than the real help you need.

A lightweight, compact umbrella pushchair

The ultimate travel pushchair is, without doubt, the cane pushchair! Sometimes called an umbrella pushchair, a cane pushchair is characterised by the fact that it can be folded on itself very easily to take up as little space as possible in a cramped space such as a plane or train. Some pushchair manufacturers often refer to their products as "cabin pushchairs". But what exactly is a cabin stroller? A pushchair approved for use in the cabin by certain airlines is above all a light, compact cane stroller that can accompany young parents on journeys.

A pushchair to suit all ages

Depending on the pushchair model, you can have a 1st age pushchair (from birth to 6/8 months) or a 2nd age pushchair (between 6/8 months and 4 years). So, whatever the make-up of your family, you'll be able to travel with complete peace of mind and in optimum comfort.

Consult the companies' practical advice

The vast majority of rail and airlines welcome children, even infants, without any problems. They set up programmes and options for this group of passengers, who do not have the same needs. In advance of your departure, remember to check the instructions and practical advice for enjoying your journey as peacefully as possible. Most airlines offer specially adapted services and, above all, free carriage of pushchairs in the hold or in the cabin when they are compact. This last point proves the importance of choosing a compact cane pushchair.

If you want to travel by plane or train with complete peace of mind, choose a compact, lightweight pushchair to take with you wherever you go!

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