When should you buy a pushchair?

A pushchair is an essential piece of childcare equipment when you want to go out for a walk with your young child. As a reminder, the stroller cane is a foldable pushchair (which stands upright when folded) and above all lightweight. It's comfortable to set up and use, much appreciated by parents and children alike. Wherever you're going - to the park, to the supermarket, the bakery, the crèche or just out for a breath of fresh air - the cane pushchair will go with you wherever you go, thanks to its purpose-built features and design.

Bebe2Luxe, an online boutique for childcare equipment and accessories, gives you all the information you need to know when to buy a reclining stroller.

When should you buy a stroller?

Sometimes known as an umbrella stroller, the cane stroller is often referred to as a 2nd age stroller. It is generally intended for a child aged between 6 months and 4 years, depending on the child's stage of development, and follows the 1st age pushchair (up to 6 months), which is suitable for very young children because it can be converted into a pram in which Baby can lie down.

At what age can you choose this type of pushchair? Parents can put their 6- or 8-month-old child in a cane pushchair, as he or she begins to sit up or almost sit up. With a pushchair of this type facing the road, the child sits facing the world around him. This position allows them to interact with their environment and satisfy their curiosity about everything!

The advantages of a reclining umbrella pushchair

Parents love the reclining umbrella stroller because it's so practical. You'll love how easily it adapts to any situation in no time at all! It's ideal for families living in town or the countryside, for parents who need to use it on the move, on pavements or rougher terrain, or to fold it up and fit it into a lift or the boot of a car. Depending on the model, it can be folded lengthways with just one hand, or in a block half the size of the unfolded version, so it can stand upright and be easily stowed away behind a coat rack, for example.

Choosing a reclining umbrella pushchair also means you can offer your child several possible positions: some models recline up to 170°, so you can put your young child in a sitting or reclining position for a peaceful rest.

Some practical advice for parents

A reclining umbrella pushchair is an important part of your child's life and development. Between the ages of 6/8 months and 4 years, your child will grow, gain weight and, above all, learn to walk! So you need to make sure your child gets enough physical activity, and regulate the use of the pushchair accordingly.

To buy the best pushchair, you should also look out for the following features:

- Safety harness

- Pushchair weight

- Easy to roll

- Easy to fold with just one hand

- Storage space

- Foot-operated brake

- Bonnet for protection from the sun or rain

- Possibility of reclining your child in the pushchair

Trust Bébé2Luxe to find the reclining umbrella pushchair that meets your expectations and your child's need for comfort!

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