Ultra-compact stroller

Choosing your ultra-compact stroller

Every parent is looking for the ideal travel pushchair: one that's ultra-compact, lightweight, practical, ergonomic, comfortable... In short, one that combines all the assets needed to make everyday life as practical as possible. How do you choose a compact pushchair? Which model should you choose from the countless cane pushchairs on the market? Bébé2Luxe gives you a few tips.


How do you choose your ultra-compact pushchair?

Parents-to-be and young parents are sometimes completely at a loss when it comes to choosing their pushchair. They're looking for a pushchair that's practical, easy to handle, stylish and comfortable for their children, but also lightweight... And all at the best price! It's not always an easy task.

To buy an ultra-compact pushchair that will last a long time and delight young and old alike, a number of criteria need to be taken into account: weight, size, folding, accessories, etc.



Weight is an important selection criterion. The lighter your pushchair, the more comfortable it will be for everyone. Going for a walk should always be a relaxing, friendly and enjoyable experience. If parents have trouble pushing their pushchair because it's too heavy, where's the fun in that?

A pushchair weighing no more than 6/7 kg is ideal, especially if you travel a lot and take the metro or bus every day.


Overall dimensions

Another criterion not to be overlooked: size. Parents who tend to go away a lot have every reason to choose a compact, space-saving pushchair, for the sake of practicality!

This way, the pushchair can be stored more easily in the boot of the car and won't take up all the space. Don't forget that your pushchair isn't the only thing you'll need to transport: a cot, high chair, suitcases, changing bag and many other childcare accessories are also part of the package.


Folding system for an ultra-compact stroller

Finally, as you'll be opening and closing your stroller several times a day, unfolding it should be as easy as pie. It should be quick and easy to fold with just one hand. The pushchair should also be easy to manoeuvre and, when folded, can be carried on the shoulder or with one hand.

Discover our ultra-compact stroller: OKTO

Bébé2Luxe brings you the ultra-compact Okto stroller! Practical, innovative and trendy, this childcare accessory is the ideal stroller for everyday life. It's sure to delight parents and children alike, with its sleek, modern design, light weight (only 5.9 kg) and made-to-measure features.

Bébé2Luxe presents the ultra-compact Okto pushchair! Practical, innovative and trendy, this childcare accessory is the ideal pushchair for everyday life. Its modern, streamlined design, light weight (just 5.9 kg) and made-to-measure features will appeal to parents and children alike.



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