stroller or pram, what should you choose?

Pram or pram, what should you choose?

If there's one childcare accessory you can't do without when your baby arrives, it's a pushchair! Choosing the right pushchair can be a complex task. Is it better to opt for a pram or a stroller? How do you know what will be best for your child? Bébé2Luxe has some advice on how to make the right choice for your needs.


Stroller or pram, choose a model suited to your baby's age

While it's important to choose a pushchair that's suited to your lifestyle (city or country), the most important thing is to choose a pushchair model that's adapted to your baby's age.

The pram for babies

A pram is a "first-age" pushchair. The models are generally suitable from 0 to 6 months, as they offer newborns excellent sleeping conditions in the supine position. This position is particularly suitable for your baby's comfort and growth during the first few months.

What's more, the pram is great for walking. The carrycot is specifically designed for babies, so you can lay them down comfortably to ensure they get a good night's sleep.


Pushchairs for older children

While it can be used from birth (with a hammock that can be fully extended), the classic pushchair is best suited to later life. There are countless models of child stroller from the compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle cane stroller to the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 combined stroller. The latter is very practical, as it allows a carrycot and a shell to be attached to the same chassis, in addition to the traditional hammock. The advantage: you have everything at your fingertips (for a fee, of course, and it's often cumbersome).

In any case, up to the age of around 3, a pushchair allows your growing baby to enjoy his walks sitting facing the road so that he can observe his surroundings calmly, with the option for some models of putting him facing the parents so that he doesn't lose sight of him.


The combined car seat

If you tend to use your car a lot, it may be worth opting for a combined pushchair/car seat. The Group 0+ car seat in particular is invaluable for your daily outings in the car with baby. Parents can easily switch between the car and the pushchair without waking their child up!

However, this solution should only be used occasionally (1? hours maximum). Your baby's comfort should always be your priority, and the ideal is to favour a lying position as far as possible during the first few months of life.


Some advice from our experts

Before choosing your pushchair, there are a few criteria to check. For example, the pushchair should be marked "NF S 54001" (French standard), "EN 1888" (European standard) or "Conforms to safety requirements". While aesthetics and design should not be overlooked, your child's comfort and safety are CRITERIA that should not be neglected under any circumstances.

To do this, make sure that the seat is comfortable, padded and removable so that you can clean it regularly. Check what equipment is supplied (cover, basket or bag) and what accessories you'll need to buy later.

Once you have a baby stroller, don't forget that it's important to look after it: regularly check that it's in good condition, that the safety straps fit properly, that the brakes work properly, etc.

As far as safety is concerned, we strongly advise against hanging heavy bags on the handlebars. It may be practical, but the risk is that the pushchair - and your child - will tip backwards! In any case, we advise against buying a second-hand pushchair unless you are fully aware of all the rules in force and the selection criteria mentioned above.



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