What is a universal pushchair rain cover?

In the first few months after a baby is born, strolls in a stroller are part of everyday life for babies and parents alike. To protect your child from the wind and rain during these long walks, you'll probably need to fit your pushchair with a universal rain cover. But what is it? How do you choose it? What materials should you choose for your universal pushchair rain cover? Bébé2Luxe helps you to find out.


What is "universal rain protection"?

When their baby arrives, many parents start collecting childcare items to make sure they're well equipped for everyday life. While some are not essential, other pushchair accessories are worth a look to make everyday life easier, such as the pushchair rain cover.

The universal stroller cover is essential for protecting your child from the rain and wind when you're out and about with your pushchair. Thanks to this cover, your baby will stay warm in bad weather without having to wrap up in several layers. As its name suggests, it's universal, meaning it's compatible with most stroller on the market, including 3-wheeled models.

Very easy to install and remove, the universal rain cover unfolds quickly before being placed on the pushchair frame, preventing your child from getting wet and chilled by the wind. It also keeps baby out of sight and out of trouble during his nap.

The universal rain cover for pushchairs also lets your child breathe easily thanks to ventilation holes for optimum air circulation.


How do you choose your universal stroller rain cover?

It's important not to neglect the step of choosing your universal pushchair rain cover. First of all, check whether your pushchair comes with a rain cover, in which case there's no need to buy one as well.

If not, choose a pushchair rain cover that's easy to fit, so that you can quickly slip it over your pushchair if it suddenly rains. For your baby's safety, the product you choose must meet current European standards.

Although your pushchair rain cover is universal, check that its dimensions correspond to the type of pushchair you have: single, double, trio, three-wheeled or four-wheeled.

We also recommend that you opt for rain covers for pushchairs with one or more small windows, so you can communicate, give your baby a bottle in the rain and ensure good ventilation. Finally, if you have twins or triplets, you can opt for a double, face-to-face or side-by-side pushchair cover.


What materials should I choose for my universal stroller rain cover?

A stroller rain cover is essential to protect your child from bad weather, but it's also a good idea to buy a quality rain cover. Avoid cheap universal covers that are often of poor quality. For just a few euros more, you'll have access to a much better choice of durable universal rain covers.

To avoid suffocating your baby, don't opt for a pushchair rain cover made entirely from poor-quality plastic. Choose a product made from waterproof materials that are not harmful to your little one's health. There are also covers without PVC or plasticisers.


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