Is choosing an ultra-compact pushchair for baby a good or bad idea?

Buying a pushchair without spending hours on it - mission impossible?

After scouring a dozen or so forums and baby stroller comparisons, I'd rather share my experience as a young mum with you before your pushchair purchase turns into a headache. Should I choose an ultra-compact pushchair? Is there a real difference between a "city" model and an "all-terrain" model?

Like a lot of mums, I simply wanted a stroller that rolled, wasn't too heavy and had a bit of storage space. My search took me literally weeks.

So to save you the hassle of shopping for a stroller here's an outline of how to choose a newborn pushchair that's really right for you.

Second-hand strollers: a bad idea

Exhausted by pregnancy, I first asked my beloved to help me in my search. As a thrifty dad, he had the good idea of getting his sister's pushchair, a model that was, and I quote, "very wide, very solid, puncture-proof" and cheaper than free!

The problem? After having a hell of a time getting it to fit into our Citroën, the stroller never made it past the front door of our flat.

Although ideal for my sister-in-law's big house, this stroller was completely oversized for our spiral staircase. And even then, we only live on the 3rd floor...

Back to square one.

I then started to take a close interest in folding pushchairs and city pushchairs, which are lighter and easier to fold.

Which stroller to choose?

We're going to start by dispelling a marketing argument that I find all too common: that all pushchairs are comfortable for babies.

Whatever model of pushchair you choose, the engineers have thought about baby's comfort. Neither the all-terrain stroller nor any ultra-compact stroller is really uncomfortable.

If a model proved unsuitable for the needs of newborn babies, it would be withdrawn from the market. Today, pushchair customer reviews leave no room for mediocrity, and pushchair manufacturers are well aware of this.

You can also use customer reviews to choose a 5-star model like this one :Piko

3 essential stroller accessories

You don't need a carrycot, cushions or anything else to make baby more comfortable. All these accessories will simply weigh you down. 

A sun screen in summer, a cosy leg warmer in winter and a stroller storage bag are the only 3 accessories you'll really need.

My mum's opinion: the best and worst of stroller

The all-terrain stroller

The only model suitable for walks in the forest, roller-skating and running, this pushchair has come to terms with the harsh reality that roller-coastering is all very well, but when you're 12, it's even better. No parent wants to clean their stroller after every sports outing. Besides, who goes running with their baby?

Curious babies will be able to observe the world on family outings with an ultra-compact stroller like the PIKO, for a smooth ride.

The compact pushchair, also known as the city pushchair 

After my disappointment with the second-hand stroller the practicality of the compact stroller won me over. With its small wheels, the city stroller can be discreet, folding flat or as an umbrella to fit in the lift or in the hallway.  It usually comes with a shopping basket for things from the crèche, a bottle, sunglasses, etc.

My favourite: the cane stroller

Lighter, more compact and more practical than the city pushchair, the cane pushchair is the darling of young parents! In this range of pushchairs weighing less than 6 kg, all models can be folded with one hand (baby in the other) to fit in the boot of the car, the lift, the laundry room, etc...

It's THE stroller that doesn't take up any space. All parents are snapping up the best models, including the Yoyo stroller (€429 without accessories) and the even cheaper OKTO ultra-compact pushchair range for 0-3 year olds (€119.80 with all the essentials). A must-have!

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