What's the difference between a deckchair and a swing?

This is a question that parents-to-be often ask themselves. What is the difference between a baby swing and a baby bouncer? Which should you choose? Both reproduce the rocking movement that is so popular with parents.

When should you put a baby in a swing?

A baby swing is usually one of the first purchases made by parents-to-be. It provides a great deal of comfort and calm for baby, while relieving parents for a few moments.

Which cot for a newborn baby?

What could be more touching than a beautiful cradle in a baby's room, just before he or she arrives? We imagine it dressed all in wood, with bars, or in a refined style.

How to choose your baby's cot?

A baby's cot is usually one of the first purchases parents make when furnishing their baby's bedroom. But how do you choose a baby cot? There are many models to choose from

Which mattress should you choose for your baby?

Are you about to welcome your first baby? First of all, congratulations! Now it's time to start packing your little one's things. And that's not always an easy task, especially if you're

Electric baby swing, up to what age should you use it?

Unsurprisingly, baby is growing up. We know it, we're told it, but realising it is always a bit of a shock. The months and then the years go by, but how do you adapt your house or flat to accommodate a growing baby?

Why choose a progressive high chair?

Versatile baby equipment is extremely practical for parents who want to both save money and save space in their living room. With a high chair swing,

What is the Isofix fastening system?

Parents are often at a loss when it comes to choosing the ideal fastening for their baby's car seat. There are a number of different systems available to ensure your child's safety in the car

Our 5 tips for choosing a baby high chair swing

Between bottle-feeding and breast-feeding, parents quickly become exhausted. The move to the highchair is soon a relief, as our little one will finally be able to taste new flavours and diversify his diet.

How do you choose your swivel car seat?

Stress, excitement, apprehension... Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is no easy task! For young parents-to-be, you'll need to think of everything: arranging the bedroom, channelling the beautiful fa

How do you fold your stroller?

Folding your pushchair can sometimes be no mean feat. But anyone can do it, so don't worry! Every pushchair has its own manual or automatic folding system. 

How do you choose the fastening system for your car seat?

Choosing the right attachment system for your car seat is not always easy. It can even be a real headache. What are the different types of mountings? What are their advantages, disadvantages and guarantees for the safety of your child?

When should you buy a high chair?

Are you thinking of buying a baby high chair so that your baby can sit at the same table as you at mealtimes? Now that's good news! Very popular with families, the baby high

What is a universal pushchair rain cover?

En los primeros meses de vida del bebé, los paseos en cochecito forman parte de la vida cotidiana de padres y bebés. Para proteger a tu hijo del viento y la lluvia durante estos largos paseos,

How to choose a baby swing

We are all looking for the ideal swing, the one that combines all the advantages: safety, practicality, functionality, comfort... The baby swing has now become a must-have to replace and/or c

Baby high chair with harness

One of the must-have childcare accessories is the famous baby high chair. Its importance is well established. 

Baby car seats: what are the standards?

As the birth of your child approaches, so does the crucial choice of car seat. Far from being an easy task, the search for the ideal baby car seat often overwhelms parents. 

baby high chair or booster seat

When your child becomes able to eat in a seated position, you have a number of options open to you, including high chairs and booster seats. These two childcare accessories, well

Is a baby swing useful or not?

The baby swing is a divisive subject. While this childcare accessory is obviously no substitute for a mother's or father's arms, it can be a particularly useful piece of equipment for baby's development.

How can you equip your car for safe driving with baby?

Travelling with a newborn can be a real obstacle course. Between all the things you need to take with you and the fact that you won't be able to see your baby, it's hard to feel totally at ease during the journey.

stroller or pram, what should you choose?

f there's one childcare accessory that's a must when your baby arrives, it's the pushchair! Choosing the right pushchair can be a complex task. Is it better to opt for a

Ultra-compact stroller

Choosing an ultra-compact pushchair Every parent is looking for the ideal travel pushchair: one that is ultra-compact, lightweight, practical, ergonomic, comfortable... in short, one that combines

Where to go for a walk with baby?

Your baby needs fresh air... and so do you! Babies need oxygen, light and sunshine. What's more, taking them for a walk every day helps to soothe them. However

When should you buy a pushchair?

Do you dream of going on holiday but don't dare make it a reality? Are you already stressed by the organisational aspects of travelling with your baby? For many parents, travelling with children